I’ve been a closet writer all my life but decided to become a working writer ten years ago. Since then some of my short scripts have been developed into films and I’ve grabbed a few screenwriting awards for best thriller and best comedy scripts.

I’ve also helped improve business websites and taught the owners something about SEO (search engine optimization) which can bring a target audience to a web page, like magic. I’ve rated scripts for the Nashville Film Festival and have read over 100 scripts.

Remember that web sites must be updated and refreshed so let me help you write an eye-popping web site that’s unforgettable.

For examples of my videos, check out http://www.youtube.com/dawn0824

or examples of my copywriting, visit:

http://www.tastemefoodservices.com or http://www.subpoenaserved.com or http://www.fridayconsultinggroup.com

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