Do you feel lost in a sea of strangers? Trying to differentiate your brand or establish your uniqueness? Let me help you.

Welcome to the site that will help tell your story – a story that sparkles with personality. Whether you’re creating web content, a blog, a book or screenplay, I’ve got the magic sauce for you. I’ve written many scripts and had short scripts developed into films.

The Austin Film Festival Coverage Team wrote about my TV pilot, “DR. RANDAL” – “This is an important story to tell and it’s told really well.”

I’m an experienced copywriter, web content writer and award-winning screenwriter. And no, it won’t cost a fortune for me to help you.

My services include script evaluations at $50 for a sitcom script, $70 for a drama TV series, $100 for a feature script under 120 pages and $125 for a feature script 120 pages or more. Please use Paypal and allow two weeks for the written evaluation that will review story structure, characters, beginning and ending, formatting, dialogue and genre. Be sure to include your name, e-mail and phone number on a title page of the script.

For my movie credits, visit Imdb.com/name/nm58367 Contact me at 404-290-0022 or wanda@wandaweaver.com to discuss your writing needs.

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